Why edmonton carnaval

Edmonton Carnival is the perfect opportunity to show your product or service to a new and exciting market! Come join us and network with other small businesses, learn about the Latino culture, and have a blast!

artisan vendors

If you‘re looking to sell your products or services, a business booth is the perfect way to do it! You can set up shop and talk to potential customers facetoface,. No food or drinks are allowed to be sold.
PRICE: $350

Corporate Booths

Corporate booths are available for bigger corporations, no matter which stream they are. No food or drinks are allowed to be sold.
PRICE: $1200

food trucks

Edmonton Carnival is coming up soon and we would love to have your food truck participate! This event is a great opportunity to reach a large audience of people from all over the city. If you‘re interested in participating, please let us know and we‘ll send you more information.
PRICE: $1400



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